Key benefits of AI in recruitment

Artificial intelligence brings a large number of opportunities and one of the fastest growing areas of recruiting. What’s more, the recruiting industry hasn’t had the option to keep itself far off from AI. Recruiters are now utilizing AI-powered tools and software to support their hiring procedures. Now it is safe to say that artificial intelligence for recruitment is a developing class inside HR Tech and has just made an imprint for itself in the business. Edith Pro’s AI-powered and ML-enabled recruitment assessment tools is what you need to automate your hiring tasks on a single platform. Yes, you read that right!

We are one of the leading names in the sphere of skill-based hiring and pre-employment testing solutions, with features such as cheating prevention and thorough proctoring enabled in the software. Our extensive database of tests covers a wide variety of domains and is efficiently delivered along with in-depth analytics to ensure transformative outcomes in your Hiring and Development decisions.

Artificial intelligence is impacting every type of business in some way or another. According to a report by modern hire, about 51% of employers are already using artificial intelligence in recruiting in which 57% use AI for screening, 52% use AI for sourcing and 52% use AI for scheduling interviews. Our online assessment platform is AI-powered to automate each task right from candidate sourcing and screening to taking skill-based tests.

Let us find out the use of artificial intelligence is the recruitment arena.

Reduces Time to Hire

If you ask organizations one thing they want to improve in their recruiting procedure, there is a high possibility the appropriate response would be “decreasing the time to hire.”

Using AI or AI-powered software in your recruitment procedure can help to solve this dilemma. By automating the screening and viewing application procedure, AI can help you make the interview process faster — without giving up on the quality of candidates.

Improves Quality of Hiring

Artificial intelligence improves the quality of recruits. However, it won’t naturally pick a candidate and disclose to you this is your next recruit! No. There are several reasons why a candidate may get rejected or selected through the interview procedure.

Remove Bias In The recruitment Process

We human beings are sometimes biased. We get to learn different biases as we are growing up. It is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to eliminate them. Artificial intelligence can assist you with recognizing and expelling oblivious bias from the recruiting procedure. Artificial intelligence itself can’t expel the inclinations. However, it will help you in the initial step to recognize the oblivious bias.

Automate Tedious Manual Tasks

Recruiters are busy individuals. Between planning interviews, screening candidates, and attempting to know the ever-advancing requirements of your team, that boring manual work is the last thing you want to give attention to. Tragically, when these tasks don’t complete, things get muddled. When utilized effectively, AI can act as an individual partner to recruitment specialists. You can utilize it to mechanize a large number of manual recruitment tasks that destroy your day. By using automated resume checkers, you can make things complete without expecting to take time from your bustling calendar.

Practical Hiring

Recruiting a new employee is an expensive effort. At the point when you have to post requests for employment, screen candidates, have interviews, and at last train employees, you need to be certain you’re putting resources into the best-fitting individuals. Although infusing your hiring procedure with AI accompanies extra costs, it makes an increasingly successful hiring channel and will positively affect long term ROI. Not only will AI decrease your need to hire extra recruiters, interviewers or employees, it also guarantees you’re placing the correct individual in your vacant position the first run through.

Artificial intelligence is changing the game in various businesses, including recruiting. If you’re not including AI into your recruitment procedure, you’re certainly missing a great opportunity. There are various advantages to adding AI to your recruitment procedure.

Edith Pro’s enterprise version helps bring the human touch back to the recruitment process. It helps simplify the application screening process by matching candidates to the most suitable job positions. The matching algorithms of our software automatically pre-screen, sort, and highlight top candidates based on the requirements set in job descriptions.

Thus, Edith Pro recruitment software helps you reap the benefits of AI in recruitment procedures and save time. If you are also looking to transform your traditional hiring process then call us now to take a demo of our AI-enabled virtual hiring software.




Preeti Srivastava, a passionate content writer,has 3+ years of experience in writing.

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Preeti Srivastava

Preeti Srivastava

Preeti Srivastava, a passionate content writer,has 3+ years of experience in writing.

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